Why can't I see any new posts?

Hello everyone,

PartnerSPEAK Forum has recently changed it privacy settings. The only difference you’ll notice is that when you open the forum webpage there will only be a few posts visible until you log in. Then it’s the forum as you’d expect to see it.

If you have a user account will continue to let you log in and use the forum as usual. If you don’t have an account will only be able to see a few carefully chosen sample posts publicly and will need to create an account to read anything further and contribute to our forum community.

PartnerSPEAK has always sought to offer the highest level of security and privacy we can on our forum while still being accessible and available to those who are seeking support.

The PartnerSPEAK forum will be closing the doors to our public forum presence and creating a much more private environment for people to share their stories. When you create an account you will still be able to post with a username instead of your real name or anonymously as needed so your privacy will be maintained on the forum. Please do post with a pseudonym for a user name, don’t use your real name.

If you’d like to join our forum and read posts, please create a (private, secure) account.

The PartnerSPEAK Team