Privacy and Confidentiality

Your Privacy

Our forum is confidential. The only people who can read posts on our forum are forum members and PartnerSPEAK Forum Moderators. When you create an account you will be able to post with a pseudonym so your privacy will be maintained on the forum.

We do not collect any personal information, we only keep your email address and this can only be accessed by our PartnerSPEAK Forum Administrator. If your email address includes your name you may like to create a new account that does not identify you in any way.

We do not share your information or report about your posts to any other organisation unless we are required to by law. PartnerSPEAK has an obligation and responsibility to report any cases of child abuse and exploitation material where the police are not yet involved. If you share details of an unreported crime on the forum, PartnerSPEAK can support you to report the crime and may make a report with the information we have.

With regards to our webchat function, no personal information is stored and the content of webchats is deleted.

If you have any questions about privacy or reporting, please contact us at

The PartnerSPEAK Team