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PartnerSPEAK provides advocacy and support for the non offending partner and family of a perpetrator of child sexual abuse and child exploitation material

Be Part of a Supportive Community
PartnerSPEAK aims to provide a safe space for you to share your experiences and stories and ask other members for advice and support. Please help us to create a supportive environment for this community. Each individual may respond or react to similar situations very differently. Please recognise that others may feel differently and act differently to how you have responded upon learning about your partner’s involvement in child abuse material.

Our Commitment to Anonymity
The majority of this online forum is accessible to the public. This allows you to post comments through the ‘post incognito’ function without having to register as a member. If you prefer to post comments that are only visible to other registered members, you can register to join a members-only area.

To post without creating a unique account you can click ‘post incognito’. This allows you to post without registering your email address. You can find the ‘post incognito’ button in the top, centre of the home screen for the forum. If you’re not sure how to get there, clicking the PartnerSPEAK logo on the top left of the screen will take you to the home screen.

Posting incognito won’t let you have a user name or identity. To do this you need to sign up for an account. If you don’t feel that your email account is secure or you feel vulnerable using your email address in the forum the incognito function will let you post without creating an account.

All Posts are Moderated
To ensure the content on the PartnerSPEAK forum is supportive of its users, all posts will be moderated before they are published on the forum and may not be visible for up to 24 hours.

The PartnerSPEAK forum is managed by individuals with personal experiences of being a partner of someone involved in child abuse material. Please note that we are not counsellors and that this website is not monitored 24 hours.

Please be aware, PartnerSPEAK has an obligation and responsibility to report any cases of child abuse and exploitation material where the police are not yet involved. Please know that if you share details of an unreported crime on the forum PartnerSPEAK will support you in reporting the crime and we will also make our own report with the information we have.


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