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Our experiences & stories

This is the forum where we can share our experiences and seek support from other people who have a partner who has been accessing child pornography.

Welcome to PartnerSPEAK

Please read this first.

Professional help & support

Please contact the organisations listed in this section if you feel you may benefit from speaking with a counsellor or other professional.

Reporting child pornography

PartnerSPEAK has an ethical obligation to advise members to notify police of activities that put children at risk of harm. Please read this section for details of where to get support to report child pornography. Please post any questions about, or your experiences of, making a police report.

Advocacy issues and projects

Alongside supporting individual women and families, PartnerSPEAK is committed to advocacy for all partners affected by child pornography. In this section, get involved in existing campaigns and suggest initiatives that we can support.

PartnerSPEAK in the news

We are trying to spread the word about PartnerSPEAK so that women who may be seeking support know where to find it. When PartnerSPEAK is mentioned in the media, we will post a copy here.

Child pornography in the news

This section is for posting, and talking about, stories we notice in the Australian, or international news, about child pornography and, in particular, news that references families and partners.
If you notice media that stigmatises the partners of men using child pornography please contact PartnerSPEAK and we will make a complaint to the publication.


This section is for articles and research about the use and impact of child pornography.

Organisations outside of Australia

PartnerSPEAK is open to anyone affected by child pornography. We focus on providing details relevant to Australians in terms of seeking support from helplines and reporting child pornography. In this section we will try to detail organisations with similar aims to PartnerSPEAK that support women in other countries.