with Raf Epstein on Drive 774ABC, 8th April, 2013


PartnerSPEAK supports family of child porn users
’Anna’ speaks to Rafael Epstein about discovering her husband was using child pornography.


Ten years ago Anna (not her real name) learned her then husband was looking at child pornography.
“We were high school sweethearts,” she says. “All of my friends wanted to have a boyfriend like him to take home to their parents.”
“He worked… with families and children,” says Anna. "There was nothing to make someone suspect that he was capable of something like this."
Anna says that upon finding out she told family and friends, only to become ‘isolated and ostracised’.
The experience left emotional scars.
Hearing stories about child pornography in the media caused Anna to have a deeply emotional response.
“I’ve tasted vomit, sometimes I’ve cried,” she says.
Now Anna is promoting PartnerSPEAK, a website and support community for people who have been affected by child porn use.
The website includes a confidential members-only area and recommendations for support and advice services.

Anna speaks to Rafael Epstein on 774 ABC Melbourne Drive.