who's required to report?


Hi, my partner has recently opened up and told me about his struggle with interest in young girls. He hates himself for it and is very careful to avoid being alone with young girls (friends and family). He wants to find therapy or counselling of some sort but is terrified of being reported and sent to gaol when he asks for professional help. As you may have experienced there is very little information available online about whats required to be reported. I was wondering if you anyone knew of support groups/counselling services that specialise in this area and what the rules are about reporting??

To be clear he has never done anything remotely inappropriate with a child, but there has been one case of veiwing online pictures (that resulted in him destroying his computer in repulsion at himself). He wants to get help but in a world where we are so quick to label anyone who is associated with child porn as monsters we’re not really sure wether people will understand.


Hi Lenti,

My sincere apologies for taking so long to approve and respond to your post. Usually I check/moderate the forum every day but I have been unable to moderate it regularly, recently.

Your post in on-line, now, so hopefully you will get some responses…

May I ask, are you and your partner in Australia and are you comfortable in saying which state, as this will affect who you might be able to contact? Please feel free to either post back or private message me.

In the meantime, SECASA (Centre Against Sexual Assault) have said that they are happy to speak with / provide support to partners such as yourself if you would like to ring and talk to someone. SECASA can be contacted on: Crisis: 03 9594 2289 (A Melbourne number)

In terms of your partner, I have been in contact with one small organisation in Melbourne which supports men addicted to pornography (which is obviously different to what you are talking about) but this group http://www.guiltypleasure.tv has researched and compiled a list of counsellors and other professionals who are willing/experienced in working with people with issues around pornography and inappropriate sexual attraction. I haven’t personally vetted this list of professionals but the founder of Guilty Pleasure has personally spoken with and researched all of them. They are all based in Melbourne but can also offer Skype / phone support. Guilty Pleasure does come, in part, from a Christian perspective but the professionals/counsellors don’t necessarily come from this perspective.

Here is the list that Guilty Pleasure recommends:
From: http://www.guiltypleasure.tv/blog/i-need-help/

Simon Murray (skype or appointment) - 0412 444 191
Colin Corkery (skype or appointment) - 0411 241 643
John Anderson (skype or appointment) - 03 9736 2273
Ian Richardson (skype or appointment) - 03 9872 3010
Mike Skewes (skype or appointment) - 0410 331 170

Please feel welcome to get in touch in regards to where you are based.

Who is required to report varies from state to state, in Australia. I will contact a social worker and get back to you with more information in regards to this issue. It is important that your partner is able to seek the support he needs and wants to access. There was a specific support service, in Australia, for people in your partner’s situation, which lost its funding, I will try and find out if there is a service or group that he may be able to access.

Thanks for posting and apologies for taking so long to reply.

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I would love to find something here in WA for my husband. Any ideas?


Not sure of any specific services in WA but try phoning the National Child Abuse Prevention Helpline:
http://www.childwise.net/Help-Advice/help-a-advice.html which is run by Childwise 1800 99 10 99 (business hours) and ask them if they have any contacts / recommendations in WA as Childwise has good national links.

If they don’t have any suggestions, come back to the forum and we can try reaching out to some of our other contacts and ask around.


Oops, I just re-read your post and realised that you are looking for your husband – sorry, I’m not great at processing late at night. Still try Childwise as I suggested but it is notoriously difficult to find programs / assistant for someone if they haven’t been charged (sorry, not very helpful for you). It’s all very backward and it’s something we, and others, are working on. I’ve found the best / only option, in most cases, in Victoria is private counsellors with a specialisation / interest in the area.

I’ve just sent an email to: www.anzatsa.org (Australia New Zealand Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abuse) to ask them about services in WA and will let you know what they say.


Hi A,
Just letting you know that I’ve asked a couple of contacts if they know of anyone in WA. Are you comfortable saying whether you’re in Perth or a regional town (you can PM me, if you’d rather not say). I’ll post, again, when I hear back. Thanks, Natalie




Okay, capital cities are slightly easier to find services. I will keep you posted.