Pedophiles Using Facebook As Their Dark Playground


[size=150]Please be warned that Part two of this video contains graphic and distressing information and images and is not suitable for children.[/size]

***(honest) Admin note: I’m unsure as if PartnerSPEAK should post articles such as this one which includes images of exploited children [the images are all blurred/censored and no children are identifiable]. This is an important article in highlighting the magnitude of the issue and the prevalence of the use of Facebook to exploit children. We welcome your feedback as to whether you think we should include such articles on this forum. Thank you.

Part one:
Fox News article
"Every day thousands of pedophiles use Facebook as their gathering place to exchange and trade in illegal images and videos which are most often a record of their actual rape and abuse of children. And Facebook is failing miserably at preventing this activity and these exchanges. Perhaps as tragically, Facebook fails to consistently work with law enforcement to apprehend these criminals."

Part two:
Facebook and Child Pornography: The Truth
Followed by deeper article/interview, “The Truth,” with Raymond Bechard, author of, “The Berlin Turnpike” which is about trafficking in America. It was in undertaking research for this book that Bechard states that he uncovered so much child exploitation activity on Facebook.

Video of both articles can be found at: