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Australia-wide coaching support (& international members): PartnerSPEAK may be able to provide a telephone coach (through Skype) to support partners preparing to make a police report or calling Crimes Stoppers to report a person who is accessing child exploitation material. Please note that PartnerSPEAK is unable to provide telephone counselling and that, at this stage, coaching is only available to support partners to prepare to report use of child pornography. Please email: to enquire about the PartnerSPEAK police reporting coaching service or to arrange a Skype coaching session. If you wish to speak to a counsellor, please see the section Professional help & support.

Melbourne advocacy service: PartnerSPEAK may be able to provide an advocate to support partnres making a police report, or giving evidence, in the Melbourne region. It is possible to alert police anonymously about child pornography via Crime Stoppers, throughout Australia by telephone or through their website. Please see the section Reporting child pornography for more details on how to make a police report. PartnerSPEAK may be able to provide you with an advocate to support you to make a phone-call or attend a police station in the Melbourne region. Please email to enquire about the PartnerSPEAK police reporting advocacy service.

Australia-wide media advocacy: PartnerSPEAK seeks to fight the stigmatisation and shame that can be experienced by individuals who have a partner who accesses child exploitation material. If you notice any news reports, or other media, that present the partners, spouses or families of people who access child pornography inappropriately please email and we will contact the relevant media agency and lobby that unfair coverage be removed or redressed.

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If you have an appointment for a PartnerSPEAK coaching session please add contact.natalie to your Skype contacts.


Founder of PartnerSPEAK (stopping pornographic exploitation against kids), Natalie Walker, is an advocate for people concerned about, and affected by, images of child exploitation viewed by their spouses, partners or family members. Natalie has extensive experience in working with individuals and the community; she is director of People Platform, a Melbourne based consultancy which provides services aimed at transforming the communication of individuals, partners, groups and organisations with particular expertise in facilitating difficult conversations. Natalie founded PartnerSPEAK to provide a forum for people who learn that their partner is accessing child exploitation materials to share their experiences and provide support to one another.


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