Introduction to reporting child pornography


PartnerSPEAK is founded on the premise that child pornography is an abhorrent and actual abuse of children. It is incredibly difficult and complex to realise that our partner is accessing exploitative material. Supporting women who have realised their partner is using child pornography is our priority. PartnerSPEAK believes that we have an ethical obligation to always advise members to notify police, or ask someone else to notify police, of activities that put children at risk of harm.

Please see the information that follows for the phone number and details of reporting child pornography in Australia.

Child Wise National Child Abuse Prevention Helpline

Child Wise’s helpline runs Monday to Friday, 9-5, and provides immediate information, support, counselling and advice from trained counsellors to help people deal with concerns relating to child sexual abuse and exploitation including people with concerns about child pornography. The Child Wise helpline is able to listen to, and support, you in your situation as well as provide advice on what you can do.

Telephone helpline: 1800 99 10 99
Website: click here

Crime Stoppers

Crime Stoppers works with individuals and the police to support Australians to be able to report a crime and to assist police with their investigations. Reports to Crime Stoppers can be anonymous. If you do not choose to disclose your identity please ensure you have provided clear information, and as much detail as possible, as Crime Stoppers will not be able to contact you to clarify any information.

Telephone: 1800 333 000 (Australia wide)

Reports can also be made (confidentially) online in most states so please click here and click on your state to see if you can make a report on-line.

Virtual Global Taskforce: Report inappropriate or illegal online activity (including accessing child pornography)

The Virtual Global Taskforce (VGT) is actively involved in investigating suspicious behaviour online with or towards a child.
Use this online form to provide the Australian Federal Police with details of a person you are aware is accessing child pornography. Ensure you answer every section with a * If a question/section is not relevant to the situation you are aware of, or you do not have that information, simply skip that question.

This form can also be used if you become aware of someone, who may not be known to you, behaving inappropriately/illegally on the internet (for example in a chatroom, on facebook, contacting a child you know). For examples of when you can contact, see the case studies page:
If you are not sure whether to report or not, remember you can always ring the Child Wise National Child Abuse Prevention Helpline for advice click here

Support from PartnerSPEAK to make a report

If you feel you may benefit from coaching or advocacy to support you in contacting Crime Stoppers, or the police, please contact PartnerSPEAK and we may be able to support you with an advocate or coach depending on where, in Australia, you are. Please see the section PartnerSPEAK advocacy services & contact details for information about our coaching and advocacy services.

Please post in this section to ask questions, or post about, your experience in making a police report.

To post in this section select the link under this description, return to Reporting child pornography then create a NEW TOPIC to make your post. If you want to comment on someone else’s story just click on REPLY.

PartnerSPEAK advocacy services & contact details