Introduction to professional help & support


Any advice given on this forum is from one woman to another, based on our shared experiences. PartnerSPEAK is unable to offer counselling support to women, such as counselling or other therapies. Please contact the organisations listed in this section if you feel you may benefit from speaking with a counsellor or other professional.

Child Wise National Child Abuse Prevention Helpline

Child Wise’s helpline runs during business hours and provides immediate information, support, counselling and advice from trained counsellors to help people deal with concerns relating to child sexual abuse and exploitation including people with concerns about child pornography. The Child Wise helpline is able to listen to, and support, you in your situation as well as provide advice on what you can do.

Telephone helpline: 1800 99 10 99


Lifeline is a 24 hour telephone support line for people experiencing any type of crisis.

People call Lifeline about:

Abuse and trauma
Physical or mental well-being
Suicidal thoughts or attempts
Stresses from work, family or society
Information for friends and family

24 hour telephone crisis support: 13 11 14

[please also note that at different times during the week Lifeline offers support through an on-line chat service, please see their website for the time of the next chat session]

Relationships Australia

If you are considering attending counselling, in person, call Relationships Australia and you will be connected to the nearest service to you.

Telephone: 1300 364 277

PartnerSPEAK has provided national helpline phone numbers that will be accessible to all (Australian) forum members. Please note that we do not necessarily endorse the above services. PartnerSPEAK suggests that, where possible, you ask for recommendations from friends, GP’s, family members or other PartnerSPEAK members when seeking the services of a counsellor. Consider checking the qualifications and registrations of any counsellor that you make an appointment with.

PartnerSPEAK may be able to provide limited coaching or advocacy services for people making a police report, please see the section PartnerSPEAK advocacy services & contact details for information about available support. Please note that PartnerSPEAK is unable to provide any counselling services.

PartnerSPEAK encourages you to use this section of the forum to share about your experiences in attending counselling especially to recommend counsellors that you have had a positive experience with and to warn members about counsellors who were not empathetic or useful.

To post a question or experience in this section, select the link under this description, return to Professional help & support then create a NEW TOPIC to post your comment. If you want to comment on someone else’s story just click on REPLY.

Not 100% sure its child porn-- don't know if I should report
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