Human Trafficking - Please sign petition


In my quest to find out more about child exploitation material I have continually stumbled across the topic of human trafficking. Many charities and organisations are working to stop pimps from forcing women and children into prostitution against their will. There are many factors that contribute and from what I’ve seen so far no country is immune. Recently a Thai woman was given 9 years jail for prostituting her child in QLD. This child was a victim of human trafficking. A movie I saw recently, ‘Trade of Innocents’ brought me to tears but helped me understand how big this problem really is. Many of the customers of these child brothels are Aussie men. Please help sign the petition for the Australian Government to appoint a human trafficking ambassador. Go to and help share it with your networks. I feel that adding my voice to this campaign helps with my healing over what my ex-husband contributed to in downloading and viewing child exploitation material.