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Hi everyone,

Apologies for using this peer support space to make an organisational announcement/request. I honour this space for support and try to use it sparingly for anything else but I feel the following is very important.

PartnerSPEAK is working closely with police to see how we can improve the experience of partners and families of online child sex offenders during and in the aftermath of any police investigations. This will be a collaboration with both PartnerSPEAK and the police with both organisations playing a role in providing support for non offending partners and their families.

I am seeking a small group of Victorian partners of online child sex offenders (who can get to Melbourne CBD – happy to reimburse costs for regional partners) who are open to sharing their experience of dealing with police - positive, negative or a mixture - in a supported, facilitated setting with the view to effect change for the non-offending family members experience of law enforcement. The meeting will be attended by two members of the Joint Anti Child Exploitation Team and facilitated by me from PartnerSPEAK. We will ensure peer support is available if you need to debrief after.

It will be a once-off feedback session in Melbourne CBD later in the day (4p.m/4.30p.m. or even after hours depending on the needes of the group). It is not an anonymous opportunity but it is absolutely confidential.

Please email for further information or if you think you may like to participate:

For our members who live outside of Victoria. Thanks for your patience as we continue to lobby Government so that we can offer face-to-face support around Australia. Thank you for making this online support forum so valuable to partners all around Australia.

I hope I might hear from some of our Victorian based members about this opportunity.

Many thanks and as always in solidarity.



Hi Natalie,
I have become quite anxious about answering any “knock at the door”, since the day of my husbands arrest…
I have emailed you…


Hi Natalie, please include me in this endeavor by PartnerSPEAK and Vic Police. Regards Natasha


I would love to come along … I have very similar story that
Everyone post on your forum,


I am interested