Face to face peer support coming to Melbourne



Are you or were you the partner or spouse of an online child sex offender (someone who used child abuse material)?

Do you know or are you concerned about an affected partner?

Do you live in Melbourne?

Would you like the opportunity to meet with other people who have gone through a similar experience, who understand and won’t judge you?

Please register your interest on our website to receive updates about our face-to-face peer support groups and 1:1 mentor opportunities starting in Melbourne early next year.

Go to partnerspeak.org.au (the home page of this website, instead of the forum section)

Registering your interest does not sign you up to any group, it is just so we can update you as we launch our face to face support.


Dear Natalie & team,
Thank you all so very much for the difficult work you are doing. I am really looking forward to meeting other partners in 2018.
My husband will be released in two days time and our divorce date is next week. After 31 years of marriage, this has been quite a journey so far. I am terrified that my love for him will bubble up, when he comes to pick up his belongings and discuss financial matters. As like many women feel/say there is both tremendous good and secretive rotten, in the same man. Deep breaths!!
I hope we can give and receive the support we ALL need, in a way that only experience has brought us to understand.


It’s such a big, big week for you.
Sending so much strength and solidarity.
Thank you for reaching out to thank us given all you have going on.
Please continue to share with your peers however is useful as these milestones are happening.


That is excellent news.
Thank you Natalie for everything that you have achieved this year. Even though I have had plenty of time since I became an affected partner, PartnerSPEAK has provided me with the support to speak out recently.
I look forward to what we will achieve next year as a community.


Hi Natalie, just want to thank you for holding me closely over my time in PartnerSPEAK. I really look forward to our ongoing growth. I’d certainly like to be involved in the peer support program for 2018.
Regards Nijole