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The PartnerSPEAK forum has been created by women affected by our partner’s involvement in child pornography for other women with a current, or previous, partner involved, or interested, in child pornography. This forum is primarily for partners affected by child pornography but may be relevant and supportive to anyone affected by the impact of any pornography in their relationship.

PartnerSPEAK aims to provide a space for people to share our experiences and stories and ask other members for advice and support. Please help us to create a supportive environment for all our guests and members. Each individual may respond or react to similar situations very differently. Please recognise that other members may feel differently and act differently to how you have responded to learning about your partner’s involvement in child pornography. Please try to commit to being supportive of fellow members (& guests).

PartnerSPEAK values that anonymity will be critical for some people who use the forum. Most of PartnerSPEAK is public to allow guests to visit and read stories without needing to register. PartnerSPEAK has been set up so that the majority of the website is visible and accessible to anyone and that guests are able to read any information that may be of use or interest without being required to register as a member. To ensure the content on the PartnerSPEAK forum is supportive of its users posts will not be visible immediately. All guest posts will be moderated before they are published on the forum and members will have their first post moderated and will be able to post freely after their first post is approved.

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PartnerSPEAK is unable to offer formal, counselling. Any advice given on this forum is from one woman to another, based on our shared experiences. Please see the section Professional help & support if you feel you may benefit from speaking with a counsellor or other professional.

Anyone that is interested in supporting partners in this situation is welcome to join; you do not have to be personally affected by child pornography to support PartnerSPEAK. We welcome individuals, men, women, organisations and everyone who is willing to stand beside partners affected by child pornography and speak out against its abuse of children and its impact on others.

PartnerSPEAK is founded on the premise that child pornography is an abhorrent and actual abuse of children. It is incredibly difficult and complex to realise that our partner is accessing exploitative material. Supporting women who have realised their partner is using child pornography is our priority. PartnerSPEAK believes that we have an ethical obligation to always advise members to notify police, or ask someone else to notify police, of activities that put children at risk of harm.

Please see the section Reporting child pornography for details of organisations who can provide assistance and advice about what to do when you learn that someone you know is accessing child pornography. In Australia, it is possible to alert police anonymously about child pornography via Crime Stoppers by telephone or through their website. PartnerSPEAK may be able to provide a physical presence to support women making a report in Melbourne, please see the section PartnerSPEAK advocacy services for details of support we may be able to provide.



This is my first time here. VACRO suggested I contact here. It may not be the right forum though.

My brother sexually assaulted several men with intellectual disabilities. I found this out early last year. He has since been sentenced, incarcerated and released. He turned himself him into police.

There has been no opportunity to sort this out for myself. He has several kids who were under the eye of child protection ( he was never accused of doing anything them and I believe this to be the case) One of his daughters had a breakdown, he was in and out of courts and in and out of home due to the child protection and his wife.

I have put my feelings somewhat on hold as the time has never been right to ‘sort out’ my feelings. Both my Mum and dad and my only other siblings are all passed away. He is my only family left. We always got along well. Now I don’t know how to piece back a relationship. It’s time for me to begin.

I am looking for support. A counsellor and/or group that understands my situation.

I’ve lost my brother for now. I miss him.
I see this group is related to paedophilia. I realise my brothers crimes are not the same. I just can’t find anything via the net.

Any help, suggestions or directions would be great. If anyone who has had a similar experience and would like to talk that would be great as well.